Update: Where I’ve Been, YouTube, Etc.

A little picture from one of my Youtube videos.

Hey everyone!

So as you have probably noticed, I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. However, despite the fact that I’ve been absent, I’ve been working on even more content for you!

During the past few months, I have been thinking about creating a YouTube channel as an extension of Emily’s Edge. After getting a camera and filming some videos, I finally did it!

I hope you enjoy my YouTube channel as much as I do. I’ve been having a lot of fun filming videos, and the comments I’ve received so far are amazing. I’m so grateful to have all of your support.

Although I am uploading frequently to YouTube, I will 100% keep blogging. I love sitting down and writing about what I love, and I know you guys enjoy it, too.

I’m super excited to start 2018 while running both my blog and YouTube channel. I have lots of new blog posts and videos coming your way!

If you would like to see my YouTube videos, the link is HERE.

Thank you all so much for the support in 2017! It’s been a great year, and I can’t wait to see what greater, bigger things 2018 has in store for Emily’s Edge.

Lots of love and Happy New Year,

Emily Berrol

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