Radiating Red in January






I was finally able to go out and take outfit photos for this blog post. I’m pretty happy with the final results, and I hope this meets your expectations of what I promised last weekend! It sure meets mine!

There are so many pieces that I’m wearing that I’ve been so excited to show you. I’m also really happy to be uploading an outfit post, since the last one I put up was in October (it’s been too long). Between then and now, I’ve been experimenting with other posts related to fashion (accessories, trends, reviews, and so on). I see my outfit everyday, but a lot of you like to see it as well. I’m really excited to start putting these posts up again, and I hope there will be a lot more in 2016!

Let’s talk about this outfit. I’m wearing some of my most favorite pieces. I decided that I would go for a bodycon dress, a leather jacket, my Adidas Superstar shoes, and a Rebecca Minkoff backpack (as well as a few accessories that I’ll get to). This outfit was the perfect mix of dressed up, but also a little bit casual. I’ll get into the details about it now!

To start off with, I’m going to talk about this dress. It’s from a brand called Cherish, but I bought it at a store called Lucky Lulu’s while I was on vacation. I’ve visited this store before (and even bought these pair of pants), but I haven’t heard of this brand. I really liked this dress when I saw it, though. I am someone that never wears red, so owning a dress in this color is rare for me. I really like that it’s a deep color, rather than a cherry shade. Also, the hem of this dress is so cute! It’s rounded at the bottom. I love it. It also has a higher neck and three quarter length sleeves. I can totally see someone dressing this up with a pair of boots, or keeping it casual with some sneakers like me. The dress also fits really nicely. It’s soft, and isn’t too tight.

Next, I’m wearing a leather jacket. I could honestly just talk about this jacket for the whole blog post. I really like leather jackets, and bought one from Free People last year (shown here). It was a faux one, but it was still great quality, and I got so much wear out of it. For Christmas, my parents bought me the jacket I’m wearing. It’s real leather, and it’s from a brand called BB Dakota (my parents got it at a store called Siany, however). It is so comfortable. I love the design of it, and how it has the big lapels, the zippers, the different texture on the arms and back… I could go on and on. I’ve worn it many times since I got it, and I have to say: It’s probably my favorite jacket that I own. It keeps you really warm, while still looking stylish. It’s great quality, too. If you want to spend you money on a good leather jacket, I recommend this one! You can click here if you would like to view it/buy it (this is the only online store I could find it at).

One of the accessories I’m wearing is a Rebecca Minkoff backpack. I’ve seen these backpacks everywhere, and I was so happy to get one from my sister. It’s the perfect accessory to any outfit! Plus, it matches everything that I own (the straps of it even blend in with my jacket!). It’s real leather, and has four main pockets: two on the sides, a small one on the back, and a big one in the middle. It can hold all of my stuff, and it’s just so cute. You all know how I feel about backpacks that are meant to be worn as handbags. If you want to buy a designer bag or backpack, check out Rebecca Minkoff. (By the way, this isn’t sponsored, I just really like this bag.) Her bags and backpacks are amazing. You can click here to be taken to the backpack that I’m wearing. I could write so much more about this, but I’m considering writing a separate blog post. Let me know if you would like to see one!

I’m also wearing my Adidas Superstar shoes to give this look a more casual vibe (there is a blog post here). They’re extremely comfortable, and a great go-to shoe. I like how the light color of the shoes looks with the dark colors from the dress, jacket, and bag.

Lastly, I’m wearing my Michael Kors watch (full blog post here) and crystal earrings. I wanted to add just a few accessories, but not too many where it becomes overwhelming.

That happens to be everything that I am wearing. I really hope that you enjoyed this blog post 🙂 I enjoyed putting this together for you guys.

I’m always grateful for all of the views, kind comments, favorites, etc. It’s a great thing to be able to share something I love with you!

Thanks for coming back each week.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Red, Bodycon Dress from the brand Cherish (bought at Lucky Lulu’s)

Benton Leather Jacket from the brand BB Dakota (bought at Siany)

Julian Backpack in Black, with Silver Details from Rebecca Minkoff

Adidas Superstar Shoes from Adidas (full blog post here)

Rose Gold Michael Kors watch from Michael Kors (full blog post here)

Crystal, Sterling Silver Earrings

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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