Pink in the Park





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This is one of my favorite summer outfits. When I’m at home or just want to look really casual, I love to throw on a tank top or t-shirt and some jean shorts. For this look, I went for a summery muscle tank and my dark denim rolled-up shorts. I also added some accessories to make it extra special.

I love this tank top. It’s from a brand called Chaser. I’ve seen Chaser in some stores recently and I have noticed that they sell a lot of cute tops like this in many different styles and patterns. This shirt is a muscle tank so it’s long and flowy. It hangs lower around where your arms are ( that’s why it’s called a muscle tank). The top is in a beautiful beige color and it has a peace sign on the front. The peace sign is made out of twigs and has small pink, white, and yellow flowers on it.

The denim rolled up shorts go perfectly with this top. The shorts are actually high- waisted. If you’ve ever worn the Joni jeans from Topshop, you will know that those are super high-waisted and come up halfway above your stomach. These shorts, however, come up to just above your hips. I love that they are dark denim too because they go well with the light colors on the top. I wear these shorts so much! I’ve seen a lot of other teenagers wearing them too. They’re popular for summer.

I accessorized with a rose quartz ring, a pink flower bun crown, a crystal rose gold bracelet, and a Cartier love bracelet look alike in rose gold. The flower crown is a light colored pink but it’s still bright. It looks really nice with this outfit because it ties the whole pink look together since there is pink on the tank top. The rose quartz ring is the only other thing that is pink and it’s a small stone. I didn’t want to put too much pink or else it might get overwhelming. I then wore the two bracelets stacked up on top of one another. The crystal bracelet has crystals going all around it and the inside is rose gold. The Cartier look alike is in rose gold too and it looks just like the Cartier love bracelets with the same design and everything  (except I only payed fifty dollars for this one, not thousands).

The jewelry really adds that classy but still casual touch to the outfit. The tank top in general has really nice detailing and with the accessories, it looks perfect.

I added my gray Converse to the outfit too so that I could keep it an everyday look. You could take the jewelry and flower crown off to make it really casual. If you wanted to dress it up even more, you could wear jeans and flats with the top.

This outfit is one that anyone can wear. I love that I added the jewelry to it and the hair accessory. It makes the look more unique than just a tank top and jean shorts (which is also a totally acceptable way to wear this outfit).

Whether you wear it with the accessories or not, it’s a staple summer outfit.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Peace Muscle Tank Top from Chaser

Dark Denim Rolled-Up Denim Shorts from BP (in Nordstrom)

Rose Quartz Ring from Sundance

Cartier Love Bracelet Look Alike in Rose Gold from Sugar

Crystal Rose Gold Bangle (My mom gave this to me so I don’t know what store it was from, sorry!)

Pink Flower Bun Crown from ASOS (This came in a pack of two with a blue flower bun crown and the pink one.)

Tassel Tattoo on my right hand from the Take Me To Goa Collection

Gray Converse from Converse

Zoya Nail Polish in the color Nimue

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol

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