Details Daydream

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Hello everyone!

I have a super cute blog post for you today! Basically everything (except the handbag and sunglasses) is new, and I wanted to show you how I styled this summer-ready outfit. I really like it, and I’ll tell you other ways you can wear pieces from this look too!

To start off with, I am wearing a white lace top from Brandy Melville. I am really loving this shirt! The fit of it isn’t extremely tight and also not loose. It hangs really nicely. I think that this top looks so chic and classy, and I’m really impressed by the fact that Brandy made it because it look so much more expensive than it is. I love the scalloping edges and lace. Besides wearing a skirt with this, I have worn it with high waisted shorts to make it more casual and a pair of sandals. Also, since it’s white, it’s very versatile.

I am wearing this striped skirt from Urban Outfitters, and it is so adorable! I showed two pictures of me wearing it so that you could get an idea of what it looks like with a form fitted shirt. The stripes are actually gray. Since the skirt is a neutral color, you could get away with pairing it with a bright top. I also really like this because the buttons going down it are actually snaps. Thank you to whoever decided to make these snaps and not buttons. Snaps are so much better because they’re more practical for an everyday person. I also like this skirt because of its fit. It looks so nice on and is such a cute piece for summer. I also love the fact that these skirts are still in style almost a year later (does anyone remember this blog post?).

Of course I’m wearing my Kate Spade bag and my cat eye sunglasses, but how cute are these shoes? These are the pair of Steve Madden heels that I was talking about in my last blog post. I have actually gotten so many compliments on these already. If you want to invest in a pair of shoes for summer, you should definitely consider lace up shoes because they are such a big trend right now. I don’t imagine that they’re going away anytime soon. I realize that these heels do look a little bit similar to my sandals, but they are a lot different. To start off with, these are obviously heels. They are all black, and the lacing of this pair is different from my sandals. Your heels and toes also peeks out from these shoes. I am seriously so obsessed with them. You can even wear them casually by just pairing them with some shorts and a shirt. Also, I don’t know if you can tell, but I actually laced these up higher. You can tie the shoes in a bow right where the last black straps are, or you can keep going up you legs with the laces. They also have zippers on the inside so you aren’t having to untie the whole thing to get your feet inside. They are made of suede, and are so comfortable!

As you guys can see, a lot of these pieces have different patterns and details, but they work together so well. I hope I gave you an idea about how you can style these different pieces as well as giving you some outfit inspiration.

P.S. Are you guys enjoying more than one post a week? I told you I’m taking my summer scheduling seriously 😉

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Ellisa Top from Brandy Melville

Denim Button Up Skirt With Stripes from Urban Outfitters (similar pieces here and here)

Kate Spade Handbag

Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses from Topshop (similar here)

‘Nilunda’ Lace-Up Sandals by Steve Madden

Thank you for all of the views I’ve been receiving from so many different places. I am so appreciative for your support as always.

Talk to you soon!

-Emily Berrol






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